How to add/remove a trainer from an enrolment

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Sometimes you will need to change the trainer(s) assigned to an enrolment. This might be to manage trainer workload, or because one has left your organisation, or any number of reasons.

To change the trainer(s) assigned to an enrolment, you will need to log in as an Admin. Then, click Enrolments on the top menu bar and locate the enrolment you'd like to edit (optionally using the search bar).

Once you've located the enrolment that you need to update, click the More button under the "Action" heading followed by the Edit option.


Once you're on the "Edit enrolment" screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find the Staff panel, which is how you can edit the assigned trainer(s). You can perform the following actions;

  • Add a trainer by clicking into the white part of the text field and typing the name of the trainer you'd like to add. Make sure you click on the pop-up to add them successfully!


  • Remove a trainer by clicking the small x to the right of their username.


  • Change the order of assigned trainers by clicking on a trainer and dragging them into the desired order. The "Primary trainer" will be the first one, denoted by the green tick. All trainers have the same permissions but only the Primary trainer will be listed on the enrolment transcript.


Make sure you click the Save button when you are done!

Assigned trainer(s) can only be edited on an individual basis. If you need to have the assigned trainer(s) reassigned for a large batch of enrolments, the Catapult Technical Support Team would be pleased to help! Simply send details of all the enrolments that need to be updated (i.e. student name, unit code, the trainer(s) that should be assigned) to and we'll be happy to schedule this work to be done on your behalf.

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