How to archive/unarchive users and enrolments

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Admin users can archive individual enrolments, which removes them from the list of "active" enrolments and prevents them from being edited or even seen by any other non-Admin users in the system. This can be useful for keeping your Catapult system clean and ensuring that the audit trail of those enrolments are not accidentally changed after completion.

To archive an enrolment, locate it on the Enrolments page. Then, click the More button found underneath the "Action" column followed by the Archive option.


You can unarchive an enrolment later on at any time. First, access the Archived enrolments page from the default Enrolments page by clicking the More button above the search bar followed by the Archived option.


Now that you're on the Archived enrolments page, locate the enrolment you'd like to restore and then click More followed by Unarchive on the drop-down menu.


The process of archiving and unarchiving user profiles instead of individual enrolments is very similar - simply locate the user and click More (under Action) > Archive to archive them. To unarchive them, click More (above the search bar) > Archived to access the list of archived users and then, after locating the user, click More (under Action) > Unarchive to unarchive them.

  Archived users cannot log in

Note that users who have had their user profiles archived will not be able to log into the system or access their enrolments.

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