Managing the sender address for notifications

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The Catapult LMS has the ability to send all of its automated notification emails (welcome emails, submission notifications, etc) using a specified external email address of your choice. This allows us to remain in the background of your training plans rather than be put into focus, and any responses to the automated notification emails will be directed to the sender address instead of to us.

A good sender address is one you control, and ideally should be able to be monitored by multiple team members. Examples of good sender addresses might include admin@yourdomain, welcome@yourdomain, info@yourdomain, etc. You can alternatively use a personal email address, if you'd like.

This sender address is initially provided as part of your account application, but it can be changed at any point in time. If you'd like to update your sender address for system notification emails, please send an email to - the request should include what the sender address currently is, and what you'd like it changed to. The Technical Support Team will then make this change on your behalf and confirm once it has been finalised.

Important note; sometimes the use of an external sender address can result in our automated notifications being tagged as spam, or even outright blocked by firewalls. This is most common when sending to corporate and/or private domains.

To resolve and prevent this, we recommend setting up email authentication inside your servers - this will authorise us to send the notification details on your behalf. The Technical Support Team ( can provide you with the details required to set this up, which you will need to forward on to your IT team to implement.

Alternatively, we can use our own address instead of one under your control. This will resolve any potential authorisation issues, but it should be noted that some firewalls will still block emails that are sent from a noreply address. Additionally, our name will be referenced in all of the notifications (which you may not prefer) and any manual responses to the system notifications will be sent to us and therefore may be lost.

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