Obtaining reports from Catapult LMS

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Catapult LMS features a robust front-end reporting suite that allows you to filter data and customise your field of view so that you can see exactly what you need to and then download your search results as spreadsheet files (if necessary).

Side-note; the reporting features described in this article can be partially used by Trainers, but are mostly intended for use by Admin-level users. One example of this is the "At a glance" reports that are available to Admin-level users on their Dashboard;


If you are an Admin user that does not have access to these resources, please contact Technical Support (support@catapult-elearning.com, 08 8275 9380) and we can make them available to you.

Beyond these hard-coded reports, you can also fine-tune your own report based on a variety of filters and sub-filters.

First, navigate to the appropriate page (e.g. Enrolments for an enrolment-centric report or Users > Learners for a learner-centric report). By default, the system will only show you the "Active" filter, but you can use the More button just above the search bar to access different filters.


Once you have selected the appropriate filter, you can then apply sub-filters by clicking the grey arrow inside the Search bar. You can filter by the assigned trainer(s), various important date ranges, etc. Be sure to click the search button at the bottom of the pop-up window to apply your sub-filters!


Now that you have located the data view you require, you can select which fields to display on-screen. This can be done by clicking the white arrow underneath the search bar. The resulting pop-up will allow you to toggle the display of various fields.


In particular, it should be noted that you can reveal a column showing the assessment progression percentage for each enrolment by clicking the Progress option.


Lastly, if you'd like to download this information, you can do so by clicking the small blue csv icon located in the bottom-right corner of the page. This will email the report to you as a downloadable file.


If you cannot find a way to obtain the data you require, please contact Technical Support (support@catapult-elearning.com, 08 8275 9380) to discuss your needs - we are happy to provide advice and do have some custom reporting options that may fit your situation and requirements.

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