FAQ: Why can't a learner submit their enrolment?

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If a learner reports that they are not able to submit one or more of their enrolments for marking, it will most likely be because of one of the following reasons;

  • The enrolment isn't in the In progress status. Learners cannot submit an already-submitted enrolment, for example, or perhaps they haven't unlocked an enrolment that has been returned to their control. Further details on enrolment statuses can be found in this Article on saving answers.
  • There is no trainer assigned to the enrolment - the learner cannot submit as there has to be someone assigned to receive the submission for marking!

To check for the latter, click Enrolments on the top menu bar and see if there are any staff members assigned to the enrolment;


In the example above there is no trainer assigned to the enrolment. To fix this, click More > Edit...


... and then enter at least one trainer in the Staff panel at the bottom of the page. Be sure to click the Save button when you are done!


Once you have assigned a trainer, the learner can refresh their page, after which the Submit button will be visible to them in the top-right corner of any Assessment page.


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