FAQ: How can a learner check their enrolment due date?

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Catapult LMS gives you the option to set "due dates" for your learners. This is a basic date field that can be used to indicate to the learners by when they should complete all of their assessments.

It is important to note that there is no automated functionality associated with due dates. The due date field is intended to be used for tracking purposes. Learners will still be able access their enrolments, submit answers for assessment, etc after their due date.

Learners can check the due date for each of their enrolments in the following two ways;

1) On the heading of any resource page

If an enrolment has been assigned a due date, this information will be displayed on the heading bar of any associated resource page (including learning pages, assessments, etc).


2) On the Enrolments page

Learners can click the Enrolments link on the top menu bar while on their Dashboard to access a list of all their active enrolments. Any assigned due dates will be shown on this page.


  Important note regarding external access users

Note that the "Enrolments" page shown above is not available to Learners who are accessing their Catapult resources via an external system (e.g. Vasto, Moodle, Canvas, etc).

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