FAQ: Why can't a learner save their answers?

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If one of your learners reports they are not able to save new answers or edit existing ones, there are two likely possibilities; either their enrolment does not have the correct "Status", or their question(s) have been given a grade of "Not applicable" by their trainer.

Does the enrolment have the "In progress" Status?

All active Catapult enrolments will have one of the following Statuses;

  • Not started. This means the learner has not interacted with the enrolment in any way. When they do so, the enrolment changes to;
  • In progress. This means the learner has opened the enrolment. They have started reading the learning materials, saving answers in the assessment tools, or some combination of the two. When they submit their saved answers for marking, the enrolment changes to;
  • Submitted. The enrolment is currently under the Trainer's control so they can review the saved answers and determine the enrolment's overall final grade. From here, the Trainer can either issue a finalised grade (more on that below) or they can return the enrolment to the learner's control, which changes the enrolment to;
  • Feedback from trainer. The enrolment is back under the learner's control, but it's still locked for editing. The learner must unlock the unit by clicking it on their Dashboard and then clicking the Continue working button circled below.


  • The other possibility from the Submitted status is that the trainer provides a finalised grade of either Completed or Not Completed. This locks the enrolment from further editing by anyone.

The important thing to note here is that learners can only edit their saved answers when the enrolment has the In progress status. Learners will sometimes report they are unable to save new answers, and the most likely causes for this is that they have submitted the unit for marking, or it has been returned to them but they have not yet unlocked it by clicking the Continue working button circled above.

If the enrolment has a "Pending insert" status, please review our Checking for pending enrolments article. 

If the enrolment has a "Maximum submission attempts" status, please review our Allowing additional attempts for an enrolment article.

Have the individual question(s) been given a grade of "Not applicable"?

When trainers are marking submitted assessments, they generally have three options to choose from;

  • Satisfactory. This means the learner has answered the questions satisfactorily and no further amendments are necessary. Selecting this grade will lock the answer box.
  • Not yet satisfactory. This means the learner needs to make some changes/additions to their provided answer. Selecting this grade will allow the learner to edit their response when the overall enrolment returns to the "In progress" Status.
  • Not applicable. This means that the trainer does not need to assess this question in order to determine the learner's competence, and therefore, selecting this grade will lock the answer box.

In the event that a learner submits an assessment attempt with some questions that do not have a response supplied, the only grading option available will be the "Not applicable" option. This is because a response cannot be deemed either "Satisfactory" or "Not yet satisfactory" if it does not exist.

As a result, sometimes trainers will accidentally mark unanswered questions as "Not applicable" which unintentionally prevents learners from answering questions that they actually need to. When this happens, the following process can be used to unlock the questions marked as "Not applicable":

  1. The learner will need to submit the enrolment for marking (if this hasn't been done already).
  2. The trainer (or someone with Admin permissions who has assumed the trainer's login) must access the marking portal and click the Reset marking? text link to the left of the "Not applicable" option.2023-06-09_13-27-04.png
  3. The trainer (or assumed user) will then need to click the Send back to learner button to return overall control of the enrolment to the learner.

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