Using "tags" in the Enhanced Catapult LMS

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  This is an optional feature!

The "Tagging" feature described in this article is optional and not enabled by default. If you'd like to have it enabled in your system, please send an email to!

This document describes the optional feature called “tagging” and includes some examples showing its use. "Tagging" allows for customised "tags" (consisting of a short phrase and associated colour) to be associated with specific enrolments for tracking and reporting purposes.

Setup of the actual tags themselves can only be performed by Catapult Technical Support Team members at this time. If you would like specific tags to be made available, send an email to with the tag name(s) (and optionally colours as well). Note that tag names can only consist of letters and numbers.

Adding, editing and removing tags

When tagging has been enabled for your account, you will note the addition of a new column on your Enrolments page – the Tags column. It is shown by default, but it can be hidden and revealed using the field selector arrow, just like any other regular column.


You can assign tags to enrolments by clicking the ellipsis icon () under the Tags column. Clicking one of these icons will bring up a pop-up window with a search bar. You can use the search bar to select up to five tags to apply to the enrolment, being sure to click Save when you are done.


These tags will then show up under the Tags column. Note that if more than three tags are applied to an enrolment, only three will be shown – you will need to click on the ellipsis icon under the Tags column to view them all.


Note that you can also add tags during any in-system enrolment processes, such as the "New enrolment sheet" and "CSV upload" processes.


If your enrolments are managed via an external solution that has been integrated with us via API, you may need to contact the vendor / support team for that solution to check whether they can support the use of tagging via their implementation.

Tags can also be edited via the Enrolments page (as shown above). They can also be edited while inspecting the unit itself (e.g. via the Timeline or on any Assessment page) by clicking the ellipsis icon located on the left side of the bottom banner (as shown below). Both editing options can be utilised from either the Admin or Trainer portals.


Sorting and filtering with tags

Once you have applied some tags in your Catapult LMS, you can start using them in powerful ways to manage and interpret your system data.

Firstly, it should be noted that tags will always be displayed in alphabetical order within each row. Again, remember that if more than three tags are assigned to an enrolment, only the first three will be shown, so keep this in mind when setting up your workflows.

Secondly, if you sort by overall tags (by clicking the Tags header in the table) then all tagged enrolments will be listed via their tags alphabetically, with tag-less enrolments included after.


You can apply a filter for a specific tag by using the gray filter arrow located inside the search bar. Click this arrow, choose the Tags filter, and then select the tag of your choice. Note that at present, this feature supports filtering by only one tag at a time.


You can also include additional filters (such as current enrolment status or assigned staff) to further narrow your field of view.

Exporting reports including tags

Tags will be available for inclusion in any standard reporting process offered by the Catapult LMS. For the most part, this simply means that if you choose to export a report via the small blue csv icon located in the bottom-right corner of most system pages, Tags will be available as an option. When you open up the report, any tags will be present, separated by semicolons and whitespace.


Additional notes regarding tags

  • There can be a maximum of twenty (20) tags active in your organisation at any one time.
  • Learners cannot interact with tags in any way – they cannot see them, add them, or remove them. This is a staff-only feature.
  • Tags are not referenced in downloaded enrolment transcripts.
  • If a tag/enrolment association is deleted, there is no way to recover it. A staff member will need to manually re-add the tag to the enrolment.
  • At present, there is no way to manage tags in bulk, except for during the creation of new enrolments. Existing tags and/or enrolments must be managed individually.
  • Tags cannot be added or removed from enrolments that have a finalised status (e.g. "Completed" or "Not completed").

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