Using the "Saved Searches" feature

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  This is an optional feature!

The "Saved Searches" feature described in this article is optional and not enabled by default. If you'd like to have it enabled in your system, please send an email to!

To set up a new “Saved Search”, first access the Catapult LMS and navigate to the Enrolments page. Then, using the gray arrow inside the Search bar, apply at least one filter of your choice. In the example below, a filter has been set to show all enrolments that have an “Assessment Started” date of 01/01/2021 or later.

Picture 1.png

Note that in addition to using filters to locate your data, you can select the exact data being displayed by clicking on the small white arrow just above the Action heading…

Picture 2.png

… and you can also sort the displayed data by clicking on the corresponding heading. Click repeatedly to swap between ascending and descending.

Picture 3.png

Once you have set up a reporting view that you would like to save for easy use later on, click the Save Search button located just under the Search bar. This will allow you to enter a Title for the search. You can also choose to set the saved search as a “Quick Link” (see below for more details).

Picture 4.png

All saved searches are located in the Saved Searches menu, which is to the top-left of the data table on the corresponding Enrolments view (circled in red below). If you choose to set any saved searches as “Quick Links”, these will be directly available above the centre of the data table on the corresponding Enrolments view (circled in green below).

Picture 5.png

If you’d like to update a Saved Search at a later date, simply access it and then make the changes you’d like. The “Saved Search” button will then update to show a green notification icon, and you can click it followed by the Save button to update your Saved Search. You can also click the Delete saved search button to delete a Saved Search you do not want to use any more.

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