FAQ: Why can't a user see an enrolment they have?

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If a learner or a trainer has just reported that they cannot see an enrolment you have assigned to them, you can follow the below steps to check common reasons why this may be the case.

First, if this is an enrolment that they've been able to see on their Dashboard previously but are no longer able to, this could be because it has been given a finalised grade. We recommend reviewing the FAQ: How can my learners view their finalised enrolments? article. Following on from that, if this enrolment was given a finalised grade in error, you'll want to check out the Reverting the finalised grade of an enrolment Article.

If this was a new enrolment, however, there are another couple of places you should look.

The next step is to confirm that the enrolment process was definitely completed - sometimes the final confirmation step is accidentally missed. Read the Checking for pending enrolments Article for details on how to look for enrolments that are still pending insert, and how to finalise the enrolment process.

Alternatively, if the enrolment is definitely active and the users still can't see it, this is most likely due to a Start date or Hide from learner until date that has been entered into the enrolment.

Locate the enrolment via the Enrolments page and click More > Edit.


Once you're on the Edit Enrolment page, scroll down to the dates panel. Check that the Start date and Hide from learner until date fields are either empty, or set to today (or a date in the past).


Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the page when you are done! Now you can return to the learner/trainer and inform them that the enrolment should be visible to them.

If you have followed these steps and the user still cannot locate their enrolment, please send an email to support@catapult-elearning.com with their name and the unit code of the enrolment they cannot see.

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