Creating enrolments in bulk using CSV uploads

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The Catapult LMS can create enrolments for you in bulk if provided with enrolment details in a CSV file. The CSV file will need to include the following, at the bare minimum;

  • Learner username
  • Trainer username
  • Unit code

To load a CSV of enrolments into the Catapult LMS, follow the steps below. A template CSV file has been attached to this Article with the basic fields needed to create new enrolments for new users, but there are additional fields that can be included as well (see below for details).

First, ensure that you are logged in as an Admin. Click the Enrolments tab, followed by the Import CSV of enrolments button.


On the next page, click the Browse button to upload your prepared CSV file, and then click Save.


On the next page, map each of the system data fields to the columns in the CSV file like so. Note that the Learner optional and Trainer optional fields only need to be provided if the learners/trainers haven't yet been created in the Catapult LMS. You can also add additional Trainers (to a maximum of five per enrolment) by expanding the Additional Trainers option.


Once you are finished mapping, click Save at the bottom of the page and the system will start creating enrolments for you. When it is done, it will send you an email with details of any failed enrolment creations. If you encounter any issues with the CSV enrolment process, please forward the results email to so that we can investigate and assist.

Note that the system can take up to five minutes to finalise the CSV enrolment process, so please be patient!

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