Reverting the finalised grade of an enrolment

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When a Trainer marks an enrolment as either Completed or Not Completed, this action can be reverted by anyone with Admin permissions. To do so, the Admin should follow the steps below.

First, you must locate the enrolment. We recommend doing this by navigating to the Enrolments tab, clicking on the Finalised filter, and then locating the enrolment using the search bar if necessary. Once you have located the enrolment, click on the unit code like so.


Next, click Timeline on the side navigation menu followed by the Revert final marking button found near the top of the Timeline.


Clicking this button will return the enrolment to the Trainer’s Dashboard (the Submitted state). Then, if necessary, the Trainer will need to click the Send back to learner button in order to return the enrolment to the Learner’s control. As an Admin, you can also perform this action on their behalf (the Logging in as other users article provides details on how this can be done).

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