FAQ: How can my learners view their finalised enrolments?

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The Catapult LMS Learner Dashboard, by default, only displays "active" enrolments - i.e. enrolments that are still being worked on. The intention is that the Learner Dashboard should be a place for learners to see the enrolments they are still working on without the clutter of all their completed enrolments being present.

Learners can simply use the Click here to access Finalised Enrolments link found on their Dashboard (shown below) to access all of their completed enrolments.


Learners can also change the standard Dashboard functionality to show all enrolments instead of just active ones by editing their preferences. To do this, they should click the Logged in as (name) link, followed by the My Preferences option from the drop-down menu.


On the My Preferences page, learners should click the Keep Completed Units On Dashboard option, followed by the Save button.


Note that learners will be unable to view any enrolments that have been archived or deleted. Only Admin users can view these enrolments.

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