How to manage multiple user roles

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Catapult LMS allows each user profile to have multiple separate "roles" (also known as "portals" or "permission sets") assigned to them. This can be helpful in a number of scenarios - for example, one of your users might need Admin permissions to enrol users, but they might also need Trainer permissions so they can mark enrolment submissions. Rather than create two entirely separate user profiles, you can simply assign multiple roles to the same profile - this means that users won't need to manage multiple separate logins and passwords!

How to toggle between different roles

Toggling between different "portals" is very easy to do. Simply click the Logged in as [your name] link in the top-right corner of the page followed by the portal you'd like to access. Note that the portal you are currently accessing will be at the top, just underneath your username.


It is also important to note that you need to be in the correct portal to access permission-specific functionality. For example, if you are currently in your Trainer portal you cannot enrol users and if you're currently in your Admin portal you cannot mark submissions.

How to add multiple roles to a user profile

Creating a user with multiple separate roles is simple. Let's use the example listed above - someone who needs both Admin and Trainer permissions.

First, create a user with one of the roles you want them to have (either Admin or Trainer, both options are fine to start with). If the user you want to add a role to has already been created, skip this step. Otherwise, click Users on the top menu bar followed by the initial role you want them to have (in this example, we'll set them up as a Trainer to start). Once the page has loaded, click the Add new users button and complete the following form to create their user profile!


Next, locate the user in your system via the Users menu (if you didn't just create them). Then, click the More button under the "Action" heading followed by the Edit link.


Now that you are on the "Edit user" page, in the Roles panel, tick on any permission sets you'd like the user to have access to;

Screenshot 2023-09-07 105846.png

Note that any roles that cannot be removed from the user (such as the Trainer role pictured above) will be greyed out. This is usually due to specific logic that is preventing workflows from being broken.

Once you have assigned all the roles as needed, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. This will immediately update the user's profile to allow them access to the new permission sets (or immediately remove their access if required).

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