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  Messaging not available for integrated units

Please note that if you are accessing Catapult units via an external system (Vasto, Moodle, aXcelerate, etc) then the Messaging system will not be accessible to your Learners.

The Catapult LMS comes with an inbuilt Messaging system that allows users to interact with each other, as long as there is an association between them.

The following people can send Messages to each other;

  1. Admins can always be Messaged by everyone else in their system.
  2. Trainers can be Messaged by learners with enrolments they are assigned to. Trainers cannot send Messages to each other.
  3. Learners can be Messaged by any trainers who are assigned to their enrolments. Learners cannot send Messages to each other.

To send someone a Message, click the Logged in as [your name] link in the top-right corner of the page, followed by the Messages option.


This will take you to your Inbox. The system will show you any Messages you have received, with a specific focus on Messages that were manually sent by other people. Simply click on the link to read a Message.

To send a new Message to someone, first click the pink New Message button right under the page title;


Then, in the Search recipient box, type the name of the person you want to Message. Be sure to click on the person's name in the pop-up box when it appears!

Note that you may also have a "Recipient group" option, which is a quick and easy way to send a Message to all people in that group.

Similar to writing an email, you will need to provide a Subject and Message content. Simply enter the information you wish to send and click the Send button at the bottom of the page!

Note that in-system Messages do not currently support rich text or file attachments.

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