Introduction to Admins

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Admin users are responsible for creating other users and enrolling them into units. They also have access to parts of the system that Trainers and Learners do not.

Below is a list of processes and pages that Admins have access to, along with links to relevant documentation where applicable;

  1. Admin users can enrol Learners into units, and optionally assign Trainers to those enrolments. You may wish to review our Using the Enrolment Sheet and Creating enrolments in bulk using CSV uploads articles for details on those enrolment methods.
  2. Admin users can create other users, including additional Admin users. This can be done via the Users menu (details on this can be found here), or the enrolment methods listed above (for Learners and Trainers).
  3. Admin users can edit existing enrolments. An example of this can be seen in our How to add/remove a trainer from an enrolment article.
  4. Admin users can archive and delete enrolments and users.
  5. Admin users can run reports on the activity inside your Catapult account.
  6. Admin users can review customised resources and approve them to be used in place of our existing enrolments. 
  7. Admin users can obtain transaction reports that provide details of the spending in your account.

You may wish to review the short videos below, as they demonstrate basic system use from an Admin point of view.

Logging in to the LMS

Creating enrolments

User administration

Admin users also have the ability to temporarily assume control of other users. This can be useful for helping diagnose user issues or managing the enrolment process for withdrawn learners. Note that all actions taken by the admin on the assumed user's behalf are logged appropriately.

To assume control of another user, simply locate them in the system and then click on their Name. You will then be able to click on the Assume this user button on the next page to log in as them.


When you are done acting on behalf of the user, click on their name in the top-right corner of the page followed by the return as (your name) option.


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