How to Use Auto-Marking

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  What is Auto-Marking?

The Edify tool allows certain assessment sections to be automatically marked by the system. This article will instruct you on how to make the particular assessment sections auto-marked.

When the learner submits the unit for marking, trainer feedback is automatically assigned as either satisfactory or not satisfactory. The trainer will have the option to provide further feedback as a text response. It is the trainer's responsibility to send the unit back to the learner or to instruct the learner to submit the unit's final assessment.

For auto-marking to be used in an assessment section, it must only contain true/false, multiple choice and short answer questions.

When creating an assessment section to be auto-marking, you will need to determine if you would like the assessment section to be counted towards the learner’s progress in the unit.  You can create a gradable or non-gradable section to be auto-marked.

Steps to Create a Gradable Auto-Marking Section
  1. Go to the Online Variant page of a unit - found on the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on the Assessments page in the online preview.


  1. Add the assessment section to the Assessments page.
  2. Click the Edit section button shown as a cog icon. This will open the Edit section modal window.


  1. Tick the auto marking checkbox.


  1. Click the Save button.

The section in the online LMS preview will now display the automarking icon. The section is now set to be automarked when published and enrolled in the LMS. 


Steps to Create a Non-Gradable Auto-Marking Section
  1. Go to the Online Variant page of a unit
  2. Add the assessment section to the side navigation menu. For a detailed guide, see: Adding a new section to the Online Variant


If an auto-marking assessment section is added to the side navigation menu, it will be set as a check your responses type assessment. A check response type assessment is designed for the learner to check their knowledge with a series of questions; the system provides an instant response to the learner.

These sections are non-gradable and do not count towards the learner’s progress in the unit.

This is similar to the check your understanding quizzes appearing at each topic's end in the catapult’s standard library units.

Only one auto-marking section can be added to the side navigation menu.

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