An Introduction to Supporting Info Sections

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  What is Supporting info?

Supporting info contains details and documentation to inform trainers and learners of their requirements regarding assessment. The default sections within the Supporting info in standard Catapult resources are:

  • Additional information and evidence
  • Assessment agreement
  • Foundation skills checklist
  • Third-party evidence collection agreement

The Edify tool can customise the Supporting Info Section to suit an organisation's specific requirements by disabling or adding sections.


Additional Information and Evidence

The Additional Information and Evidence section is an area where either:

  • Trainers can give further instructions or provide other documentation for learners to use for their assessment,
  • Learners can record notes and files to provide further information to contribute towards their assessment.

The Additional Information and Evidence section can be customised to suit specific requirements.


Assessment Agreement

The Assessment agreement section allows the learner to download, read, complete and upload the assessment agreement form.

Completing and uploading this form confirms that the learner is aware of all of their assessment requirements of the Unit of Competency.


Foundation Skills Checklist

Foundation skills come from and are specific for each Unit of Competency. They combine language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills and employability skills.

The foundation skills checklist allows trainers to evaluate the learner's acquisition of specific skills according to the Unit of Competency.

The trainer can download, complete and upload the checklist as part of the learner’s assessment.


Third-Party Evidence Collection Agreement

There may be instances where the learner must complete an observation task, but be observed by a third party.

The Third-party evidence collection agreement is a declaration to be completed by the observing third party. Completing the declaration confirms that the third party understands what is required of them regarding the observation of a learner as they perform tasks as part of their assessment for a Unit of Competency.

The Third-party evidence collection agreement can be downloaded, completed and uploaded.

  Please note, standard Catapult resources have a default Assessment agreement, Foundation Skills checklist and Third party evidence collection agreement, but all can be removed or replaced with an organisation’s declaration.


Customising the Supporting Info Section

The Edify tool gives the ability to:

  • Disable default sections within Supporting info if they are not required by an organisation
  • Add new sections, boilerplate or an attached file
  • Attach sections within Supporting info to the home page of the resource, including declaration forms.

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