An Introduction to the Online Variant Structure (LMS)

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  What is the Online Variant Structure?

In the Edify tool, the Online Variant displays everything that will appear on the LMS for a Unit of Competency.

Any sections not added to the online variant will not be available in the LMS.


The Navigation Menu

Once you click on the online variant, you will see the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

The sections that you will be able to access are:

  • Unit Home
  • Assessments
  • Supporting Info

The order of these sections can be changed by clicking the section title and dragging the section either up or down the list.

For help customising the online variant, click here to learn more about managing sections in the online variant.

Unit Home

The Unit home section shows what learners will see when they first enter the unit in the LMS.

There is an About this unit introduction which is an overview of the Unit of Competency. This information is taken directly from

There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen, the green left-hand button directs to the Learning materials (theory) and the blue right-hand button leads to the assessment Questions and tasks.

In the Edify tool, the Learning resource (Learning materials) button demonstrates where the learning materials can be accessed when the unit is pushed to the LMS.

The Assessment button will take you to the Assessments section. Edify does not preview this; the content is shown in the LMS.

Standard Catapult units only have the Home page's Learning Materials and Assessment buttons.

There is an option to customise and add additional buttons to the Unit home page. This would be useful for any additional instructions or documentation that learners would need to access at the beginning of their progress through the unit.

If you want to broaden your understanding of Unit home page buttons, click here to learn about managing Home page buttons.


In the online variant, when you click on Assessments in the navigation bar, the sections that will be displayed are the default sections in the assessment.

Any Assessment section disabled in the Data Sections will not appear in the online variant.

Standard Catapult units will have some assessment sections (Knowledge questions, multiple choice, project) set to gradable as a default. Other sections (Performance tasks) can be set to gradable in the online variant.

The Edify tool also allows some sections to be set to auto-marking.

Click here to learn more about gradable sections and auto-marking.

Standard Catapult resources have the Knowledge questions set as the Default landing section—the first part of the Assessment section. This can be customised and set to any other assessment type.

Supporting Info

Supporting info contains details and documentation to inform trainers and learners of their requirements regarding assessment.

The default sections within the Supporting info in standard Catapult resources are:

  • Additional information and evidence
  • Assessment agreement
  • Foundation skills checklist
  • Third-party evidence collection agreement
  • Unit information
  • Unit mapping

Click here to learn more about Supporting info.

You can also change the title, but it is not recommended that you alter the information within the sections.

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