Reviewing Customised Units that are Pending Review in the LMS

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 What is a Customised Unit?

Customised units have been edited in some way to be different from our standard Catapult units. Custom units can include:

  • Changes to the assessments of our units (e.g., inserting some new questions or projects).
  • Adding additional files for download (such as specific forms or additional learning materials).
  • Your own materials uploaded into the Catapult LMS as an entirely new custom unit.

After receiving notification that your custom unit is in your LMS Library for review, the following article will assist you in accessing the LMS library. 

Steps to Access the Library

Click Administration on the top menu bar, followed by the Library link.



The Library page will show all approved custom units, if any. To view the list of units currently pending review, click the orange # units are pending review button in the top-right corner of the page.


On the Pending review units page, you will see a list of all the customised units pending review. Note that these units are not yet live and cannot be used for enrolments – you need to approve them before this can happen. To review a specific unit, locate it in the list and click the blue Review button in the corresponding row on the right side of the page.

  Please note only Admin-level users can access the Library and review units.


You will now be able to review the unit in its entirety. Check it thoroughly to ensure that the learning materials, assessment tools and any attached files are present and working exactly as you would expect them to.

If any changes need to be made, click the red Reject button at the top of the page and include details in the pop-up window that appears. Otherwise, if the unit is ready to be sent live, click the green Approve button to notify our customisation team.


Once the unit has been sent live, it will effectively replace our standard unit version (if this unit is available from our catalogue). You will then be able to enrol learners into the unit. When setting up an enrolment into a customised unit version, you will see the Library icon next to the unit code. If you do not see this icon, you are enrolling into the standard version, not the customised version.


Please note, that if a customised unit version has replaced a standard unit version, any existing enrolments created in the standard version prior to the customised version being sent live will not be automatically “upgraded”. The customised unit version will only be used for new enrolments made going forward.

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