Locating the Mapping file for units

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You can locate the Validation and Mapping files for any unit by following the steps below. Note that you will need to have created at least one enrolment into the unit in order to view the mapping file. If you'd like to view the Mapping files for a unit before enrolling learners, see the Previewing units in the Catapult LMS article for details on how to preview a unit.

First, you will need to locate the unit on the Enrolments page and click the unit code. Remember to set your filter to view All enrolments if there aren’t currently any active enrolments in the unit!


Next, click Supporting info on the side navigation menu, followed by Details about the unit and then finally Unit mapping from the drop-down menu.


The unit mapping will either be shown on this page or available as a downloadable file, depending on the version of the unit you are currently viewing (e.g. Certify units will have a downloadable link where older resources will display it as an on-screen table).

Remember that you can request changes to our units (including mapping changes) by emailing details of the changes to support@catapult-elearning.com. Our customisation team will make the changes on your behalf and then push them to your Library for your review.

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