An Introduction to Boilerplates

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  What is a Boilerplate?

Boilerplate is used to give trainers and learners further instructions about Assessments and the learner’s completion of a Unit of Competency.

Standard Catapult units have various default boilerplates for use within a Unit of Competency. Each type of assessment has its own specific boilerplate. Organisations can use the standard default boilerplate or create their own.

A Boilerplate can be created and used for specific units or across multiple units within an organisation.

See below for an overview of how to use the boilerplate.

Creating a New Boilerplate
  1. From the Edify organisation home page, click AdministrationBoilerplate in the dropdown menu at the top. This will load a list of all boilerplate text used in the organisation.


  2. Click the New Boilerplate button in the top-right corner. This will load a new boilerplate form.


  3. Choose the Suitability:

    • NRT. This boilerplate can only be used for units created as a NRT unit.
    • Non NRT. This boilerplate can only be used for units created as a non NRT unit.
    • Any. This can be used for both NRT and Non NRT units.


  4. In the Title text field, type a title for the boilerplate.


  5. In the Content Introduction field, type the introduction text here. If this boilerplate is being used for an assessment section, this introduction should be limited to one or two short paragraphs.


  6. In the Content main body field, type the rest of the boilerplate text here.


  7. Click Save. 


Editing a Existing Boilerplate

On the Boilerplate page, locate the boilerplate in the list using either the Search function in the top-right corner or using page navigation in the bottom-right corner.



  1. In the Actions column of the boilerplate, click the Actions button to open a dropdown menu. Click Edit from the dropdown menu. This will load the boilerplate in an editable form.


  1. Make the required changes to the boilerplate.

  2. Click Save 

  Please note, Changing the Unit Type field may change the behaviour of the existing boilerplate for the units which have been used by it. We strongly suggest reviewing all units where the boilerplate has been used to verify they are working as intended.

Also, the title of Default boilerplate cannot be changed.

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