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Catapult LMS has an API that can be used by external systems to control its operation. This includes the creation of enrolments and users, collection of enrolment completion reports, etc. Using our API to integrate Catapult with your existing student management solution greatly cuts down on administration time and allows your existing solution to truly drive the usage of Catapult!

You'll need to check with the vendor of your existing solution(s) to determine if they support API integration with Catapult LMS. Examples of systems that have working API integrations with Catapult include;

  • Vasto
  • VETtrak
  • JobReady
  • RTOManager
  • Truss

If you have developed your own solution, that's great! We'd be happy to provide advice and technical details relating to our API so that you can get an API integration working.

There are no extra costs associated with using the Catapult API. All you'll need to do is sign a copy of the API Policy - this can be obtained by sending an email to support@catapult-elearning.com. We also have a couple of API-related documents that talk about best use cases, limitations, etc which can be provided to you so that you get the whole picture of how using our API can best improve your existing solution.

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